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ndesk-dbus is a C# implementation of D-Bus. It's often referred to as dbus-sharp, or "managed D-Bus" to avoid confusion with existing bindings (which wrap libdbus).

D-Bus is an inter-process communication framework that lets applications interface with the system event bus as well as allowing them to talk to one another in a peer-to-peer configuration.



This software is under development but is already used by a wide range of applications for tasks as simple as maintaining a single instance of the GUI to whole instant messaging frameworks and hardware detection APIs.

It provides a tested, high-performance bridge to and from all systems that are exposed via D-Bus, regardless of programming language, UI toolkit or license. The source code is MIT X11 licensed (Free Software/Open Source), allowing integration into other projects with very few restrictions.

The code is a clean-room implementation based on the D-Bus Specification Version 0.11 and study of the wire protocol of existing tools.

It aims for compatibility with Mono and Microsoft .NET frameworks supporting the 2.0 profile. Backward compatibility with 1.0 will not be a consideration. Ongoing work to ensure CLS compliance means that managed D-Bus can be used by any language that can target the CLR.

Cross platform support

Supported platforms

A standard build of managed D-Bus will work across a wide range of platforms:

  • x86
  • 64-bit (eg. AMD64)
  • Big endian (eg. PPC)
  • ARM (eg. Nokia 770)
  • Mono 1.1.13 or newer
  • GNU/Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Windows / .NET runtime (in the 0.5 development branch)

Soon to be supported

  • MIPS (untested) (eg. wifi routers) -- pending JIT fix


This is a list of applications known to make use of managed D-Bus:


See the NDesk.DBus documentation for a brief developers guide.


Support can be found on the #managed-dbus IRC channel on

Reporting bugs

Bugs are now tracked on the NDesk D-Bus Launchpad bug tracker.

If you have sent bug reports or feature requests directly to the authors in the past, please create a new entry in the tracker to ensure the issues are dealt with.


See the managed D-Bus release archive.


See the development roadmap for a detailed list of remaining tasks.

git-clone git://

The dbus-sharp API is now fairly stable stable. It's best to install a released version and depend on it from your application rather than bundling the sources directly as has been done in the past.

There is also a module which provides GLib integration as an optional extra:

git-clone git://


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